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Posted on YouTube

Upon my friends request, I have just posted "Celebrity Chefs"- Robert Vaughn on to YouTube.

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♪Happy Birthday Mr. Vaughn!♪
It is 21:30 on 22nd Nov. in Japan, and 7:30 in New York.
I suggested to my Japanese blog visitors to celebrate his birthday together through my blog.
Although we can not get together physically, we can sing a birthday song for him together  one at a heart in each place in Japan
So we set the time and sang "Happy birthday Mr. Vaughn," just right now.

I believe many of them did , at least I had 10 people mentionning they will.
And I think those who didn't mention it clearly I am sure some more people did it too.

I am truely glad that I did set up my blog and web site.

It is so nice to be able to share my feeling with friends.

Happy birthday Mr. Vaughn, wishing you another wonderfull year of happiness.

Could anyone tell me who is the host of this show,please?

I've got this video from my Japanese friend .
It is fun to watch Robert Vaughn cooking and talking.
I am just curious who is the host and when it was aired.(Judging from their talk, I quess it is around 1986?)
If someone know, could you kindly let me know?

"Celebrity chefs"

My first journal in English

Hi! With the help of my friends ( Clare and Georgie) , I somehow managed to open an account of LJ.
Thank you, Clare and Georgie.

It is a quite challenge for me to write a journal in English.
Althougt I can read and listen to english and translate it into Japanese, writing is a different story.
Anyhow I will try and see how it goes.

As I mentioned in my profile , I opened my Japanese blog site " I Love Robert Vaughn!" in last Feb. and web site"My Robert Vaughn Collection" in last August.

I have been a Robert Vaughn fan for a long time, but this is the very first time that I said " I love Robert Vaughn" in public in such a loud voice.
I had never told that to anyone else. I don't know why , but I had kept it in a deep place in my mind.
(I think it is very Japanese)

When I read Mr. Vaughn's "A fortunate Life", I found it  was very interesting and so much fun.
So I decided to open blog site to share what I read with Japanese Vaughn fans.

I am glad I did, Because by doing so I can keep saying " I love him!" almost everyday! (laugh)
And it helped me to broaden my world.
Without my blogsite , I wouldn't contact with either Clare nor Georgie, and I am so glad I did.

As most of the text are written in Japanese, it may not attract foreign friends but I will try to upload Japanese movie press , magazine articles and screen captures as many as I can.

If you have spare time, please come and have a look my web site. Thank you.