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♪Happy Birthday Mr. Vaughn!♪
It is 21:30 on 22nd Nov. in Japan, and 7:30 in New York.
I suggested to my Japanese blog visitors to celebrate his birthday together through my blog.
Although we can not get together physically, we can sing a birthday song for him together  one at a heart in each place in Japan
So we set the time and sang "Happy birthday Mr. Vaughn," just right now.

I believe many of them did , at least I had 10 people mentionning they will.
And I think those who didn't mention it clearly I am sure some more people did it too.

I am truely glad that I did set up my blog and web site.

It is so nice to be able to share my feeling with friends.

Happy birthday Mr. Vaughn, wishing you another wonderfull year of happiness.