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My first journal in English

Hi! With the help of my friends ( Clare and Georgie) , I somehow managed to open an account of LJ.
Thank you, Clare and Georgie.

It is a quite challenge for me to write a journal in English.
Althougt I can read and listen to english and translate it into Japanese, writing is a different story.
Anyhow I will try and see how it goes.

As I mentioned in my profile , I opened my Japanese blog site " I Love Robert Vaughn!" in last Feb. and web site"My Robert Vaughn Collection" in last August.

I have been a Robert Vaughn fan for a long time, but this is the very first time that I said " I love Robert Vaughn" in public in such a loud voice.
I had never told that to anyone else. I don't know why , but I had kept it in a deep place in my mind.
(I think it is very Japanese)

When I read Mr. Vaughn's "A fortunate Life", I found it  was very interesting and so much fun.
So I decided to open blog site to share what I read with Japanese Vaughn fans.

I am glad I did, Because by doing so I can keep saying " I love him!" almost everyday! (laugh)
And it helped me to broaden my world.
Without my blogsite , I wouldn't contact with either Clare nor Georgie, and I am so glad I did.

As most of the text are written in Japanese, it may not attract foreign friends but I will try to upload Japanese movie press , magazine articles and screen captures as many as I can.

If you have spare time, please come and have a look my web site. Thank you.


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Thank you!
I'll try to keep up with you.

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